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C W C   H I S T O R Y   &   A C C O U N T A B I L I T Y 

Story of CWC and how it began


Constructive White Conversations is an anti-racist reflective space in which white people gather to share our experiences with race, racism, and anti-racism. Our intention is to create a warm and welcoming entry point for white folks who are new to this type of conversation, as well as to provide a place for those of us who are committed to developing and centering our lives around anti-racist life and practice by growing and maintaining a positive anti-racist community.


CWC is a space to share and listen, both wildly important aspects of conversation that when practiced with intentionality can break down walls separating us from each other and our common humanity. As a result we become open and available for the possibility of building loving, connected, authentic relationships that not only transform our own lives but extend outwardly into the world around us.


Reflection as Action

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A CWC looks like:

Building community before and after.

Listening more than speaking

Keeping shares honest, specific and grounded in our personal experience

Listening for identification with others rather than from judgement

Being ok with discomfort and with not having all the answers

Shareing Community events, actions

Outreach and invitations to friends to participate and learn about whiteness alongside us

Snacks and singing

We think making one reflective community meeting a month is the very least white folks can do to contribute to supporting anti-racist practice in our lives. When we practice listening with intention we can find ways to connect with empathy, love, and compassion with those we might have in the past distanced ourselves from. If we're going to make a difference in the world, we can't expect anyone else to change first. We must be willing to take the steps to transform ourselves. Over time others will be attracted to what we are offering through this intentionally creative and reflective anti-racist practice space that will exude through our lives..