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10 frequently asked questions about cwc

Is CWC really open to all white people? 

Yes, all are welcome. We are committed to creating a supportive and welcoming space for any white person who wants to be a part of an antiracist community. 

I’ve been told by my partner/friend/colleague of color that I need to get it together when it comes to race. Is CWC a good place to start? 

Yes, absolutely. Many of our members first attended because of difficult interpersonal situations. We have an extensive resource list and encourage people to start building a knowledge base as soon as possible but the most important thing, in our opinion, is to become a part of a white antiracist community. That’s what we are. 


Do I need prior antiracism experience to attend?

No. We have all been on this road for different lengths of time but we recognize that we need each other in order to grow and find our sense of purpose as we move forward.


Will I be judged for my lack of experience or analysis?

No. We are very clear that all are welcome regardless of previous antiracist experience. All we ask is a willingness and an openness.


How are the meetings structured?

We take time for introductions and resource sharing, but it’s in the open and honest personal reflection that happens in small groups where we’ve found the most growth and change takes place.


Can I just listen?

Sure. There are no hard and fast rules about this. We encourage people to share from the heart - this is a big part of how we heal and evolve - and for some of us this takes time.


How long are the meetings?

The gatherings generally run around one and a half hours although they may sometimes go a little longer.


How do I sign up to attend a CWC gathering?

It’s simple. Click here and RSVP to any meeting that works for your schedule. You’ll receive the zoom link the day before the meeting.


Can I attend more than one gathering a month?

Absolutely. Most people pick one to serve as a "home group” - a meeting that they go to regularly - and add others if they feel compelled. Many people attend several gatherings a month.


How is CWC structured as an organization?

We have five volunteer facilitators who host the seven monthly gatherings. These hosts serve as organizing leaders who are responsible for the continued evolution of CWC. As far as the actual content and direction we have been a collective effort from the beginning.

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