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the cwc preamble

Constructive White Conversations is a gathering in which those of us who identify as white speak openly about white supremacy, race, racism, anti-blackness, and all related issues. We’re not experts. We’re learning as we go.

These gatherings are only one piece of the anti-racism puzzle, but they are necessary if we are to practice effective anti-racism. CWC is a welcoming space to work through—and heal from—white racial conditioning and the lies we've internalized about race. 

We engage in personal reflections and constructive dialogue around our participation and complicity in racist ideas and systems that harm Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and ourselves.

In doing so, we hope to break the pattern of ignorance and silence around these issues that has defined life and norms in the United States for centuries, and transform ourselves into a community of white anti-racists.

As white people committed to anti-racism:

  • We take personal inventory of how white supremacy and racism show up in our lives.

  • We commit ourselves to interrupting our own racism and finding our sense of usefulness in dismantling white supremacy.

  • We continuously educate ourselves.

  • We acknowledge that anti-racist living requires humility, vulnerability, curiosity, self-reflection and action.

  • We do this work to recognize the full humanity of BIPOC, and ultimately, reach our own full humanity.

  • We joyously dedicate ourselves to liberation for all people.

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